Food & Drink

Villa Mat og mer

Indre Østfold, Viken


  • Cafe/Restaurant

Villa Mat og Mer Dining

At Villa Mat og Mer you will be served fresh food that they have got up early of bed to to prepare. From their eatery, salads, "blings", foccacia and many varieties of sweet treats such as patches, buns and cakes are arranged. All this you can enjoy in their pleasant premises or out in the yard. You can also take it with you to enjoy yourself a little extra at work, on a trip or at home in the sofa.

Villa Mat og Mer will be the good old country store in new splendor. The first thing you see when you drop by is a large counter full of fresh baked goods, cakes and confectionery. They will be able to offer you to taste and buy with you Norwegian-made cheese from enthusiasts around Norway, cured meats in various varieties, jams, biscuits, spices, oils and other goodies.