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Trolley and Canoe - Joytrail

Säffle, Värmlands län


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Discover the canoe paradise of western Värmland and northern Dalsland, combine the canoe trip with the trolley for a maximum experience.

Pedaling trolley! Pack the picnic basket and bring your swimwear for a decent adventure! The trip takes about three hours back and forth with a little break for coffee or a swim. You pedal on a part of the old railway, the Swan Forest, which was originally part of Åmål-Årjängs Järnväg, Railway. The adventure begins at Finntorp and continues on a bank in Lake Kalven, from Dalboredden along Lake Ömmeln you get a fantastically beautiful scenic experience. You pass across the county border between Västra Götaland and Värmland County. After the Ömmeln station, it goes up to 263 meters long Bollsbytunneln, which leads on to the community Svaneholm with stops at the Svanskog railway station. Trolley and canoe package. Combine the trolley and canoe for a wonderful day in nature! Pedaling the trolley in one direction and paddle the canoe back. The trip takes app five hours with breaks. Rent a canoe. There are 2 and 3 seater canoes to rent. You can also rent camping equipment. Book several days of canoeing! Discover the canoe paradise west of Värmland and northern Dalsland, here you are close nature, experience the wild and beautiful nature in the best way. You can also stay overnight here in old train compartments!

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