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War Airfield 16

Karlstad, Värmlands län


  • Culture

War Airfield 16 is located in the Brattforsheden nature conservation area and is an exciting natural and cultural area to visit.

Between 1939 and 1945, 40 wartime airfields were built in Sweden. This area was used as a secret air base during the Second World War preparedness years 1939 to 1945. Of these 40 fields, only Field 16 Brattforsheden is preserved today. The nature around War Airfield 16 consists of beautiful forests with different types of animal and bird species. It is ideal for those who want to combine a historical experience with exercise and nature experience. There are various hiking trails where you can walk or cycle. The forest also contains the remains of former aircraft hangars, moats and trenches. There is also a high tower that you can climb to look out over the area and see the different parts. If you want to try flying a flight simulator, you can book it via the website. You can also book lectures if you want a guided tour.