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Sightseeing train in Karlstad

Karlstad, Värmlands län


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Exciting City Sightseeing in Karlstad! The Karlstad Sightseeing train takes you on two different guided tours.

The train departs daily 17/5 - 3/9 from Stora torget starting at 10.00 am with 45 minute intervals, and the trips take about 25-30 minutes. The last tour runs at 16.00. Then the train runs between 7-9/9 at the same times as above and later also on Saturdays 16/9, 23/9 and finally 30/9.

The tours take about 25-30 minutes. Tickets, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee and other goodies can be purchased at the sightseeing kiosk at the starting point on Stora Torget near the Town Hall. Payment is by card, Swish or cash.

The Karlstad Sightseeing train takes you on two different guided tours where you can experience the city's interesting sights, exciting stories about Karlstad from the past and what is happening in the present.

Northern Karlstad tour

The river tour goes towards Sundsta along the river towards the beautiful stone arch bridge. The journey continues through old Haga and the beautiful barge canal. You then pass Sandgrundsudden where you will find Lerin's art gallery and Värmlands Museum. The tour ends by passing our beautiful Stadshotell before returning to Stora Torget.

South Karlstad tour

The city tour goes through the oldest part of Karlstad. Along the Klarälven river, there are fine old buildings that remain after the fire that raged in the city in 1865. The journey continues towards Mariebergsviken and past Stadsträdgården and our new neighbourhood, Inre hamn. New homes are continuously being built there and there are many nice restaurants. The journey continues back past Karlstad's old prison before returning to Stora torget.

Rent the train for a fun activity!

A fun activity for the company party, school class, wedding party, bachelor/bachelorette party, 30th birthday party or other parties. You can control your own music using Bluetooth or run the regular guided sightseeing tours.

Price per hour: 3 500 SEK up to 35 people. For more participants, 100 SEK per person will be added. Capacity up to 60 participants.

Half-day hire (9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm or evening) for up to 60 people: SEK 9 900.

Full day hire (max 7 hours) for up to 60 people: SEK 14,900.

Prices are based on Stora Torget in Karlstad during high season.

The minimum fee for pick-up at another location is SEK 500.

Prices ex. VAT 6%.

Email and she will get back to you with a quote. Or call her on 070-625 75 60 if you have other questions.

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