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Villa Mat og mer

Indre Østfold, Viken


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At Villa Welhaven - formerly Villa Mat og Mer, you are served fresh food that they have gotten up early to prepare. From their canteen, salads, blings, foccacia and many varieties of sweet treats such as rolls, buns and cakes are arranged. You can enjoy all this in their pleasant premises or outside in the yard. You can also take it with you to have a little extra fun at work, on a trip or at home on the sofa.

But during "eat out days" in October - then autumn is in the air and the girls have gathered and harvested.
At Villa Welhaven, it will be a week with exciting flavors from the forest.
Among other things, they have a lovely wild stew on the menu all week.

The girls at Welhaven are also really looking forward to the run-up to Christmas at Villa Welhaven. They are currently working on finalizing the final Christmas menu, both for catering and inside the Villa. Final menu will be posted on their websites as soon as it is ready. They also have cozy premises where it is possible to arrange a Christmas party. Interested? Get in touch with them and they will have a chat.