Food & Drink

Villa Welhaven

Indre Østfold


  • Cafe/Restaurant

Restaurant and general store in Mysen

At Villa Welhaven you will be served fresh food that they have gotten up early to prepare. From their canteen, salads, blings, foccacia and many varieties of sweet treats such as rolls, buns and cakes are arranged. You can enjoy all this in their pleasant premises or outside in the yard. You can also take it with you to have a little extra fun at work, on a trip or at home on the sofa.

Villa Welhaven will be the good old general store in new glory. The first thing you see when you pop in is a large counter overflowing with fresh baked goods, cakes and confectionery. They will be able to offer you to taste and buy with you Norwegian-produced cheese from zealots around Norway, cured meats in various varieties, jams, biscuits, spices, oils and other goodies.


"The staff at Villa Welhaven are happy to prepare food for your company, anniversary, company gathering, meeting or meeting with friends. In order for everything to be as fresh and good as possible, they prepare the food at the "last minute". They always use fresh ingredients and are focused that it should be fresh, fresh, delicate and with good taste.

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Villa Welhaven also offers tasty dinner dishes on certain days when they stay open longer. The days will be announced.

Company premises

You also have the option of renting the entire venue for your party or gathering. Villa Wehaven's premises are perfectly suited to pleasant gatherings.