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D/S Turisten on the Halden canal



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DS Turisten is the very queen of the Haldenkanalen. DS Turisten was built to transport passengers and goods between Tistedal and Skulerud, with a total of 11 calling points. The trip took approx. 9 hours, and it eventually became an attractive round trip by train from Oslo to Halden, then by boat to Skulerud and finally taking the train from Skulerud back to Oslo.

The boat was in active service from 1887 to 1963. Lowered in Femsjøen in 1967. Located in 1994 and later raised. Laid a long time in Tistedal for restoration. Later transferred to the shipyard for complete restoration to original condition. Back in the Haldenkanalen waterway in 2009.

The ship was given a fantastic reception by the return to the Haldenkanalen watercourse in 2009. After 30 years at the Femsjøen bottom and 12 years under expert restoration for tens of million, was the steamer ready for a new era.

The Steamship Turisten is possible to charter.
See www.dampbå for scheduled times.

DS Turisten
• Built in 1887, Nylands Workshop, Christiania, No. 65
• Length 82.2 ft Width 13.7 ft
• 76 registered tons
• Private owners