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Moose safari in Trøgstad

Indre Østfold, Viken


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Moose is not something most people see every day. There is something very fascinating about these great majestic creatures. One gets very fascinated even though they are seen relatively often in Indre Østfold. And it is certainly not the same to watch them on TV as in reality. Take your a drive in the forest in Indre Østfold can offer many nature experiences - here is a rich wildlife. Feel free to bring some good friends with you. It's always nice to have someone to share the experience with afterwards. For it will be an experience - we guarantee that.

Many have not seen the king of the forest in reality. But if you see it, you have to get out of the chair. Take a trip to Olberg camping in Indre Østfold. Here you can often see moose, but if you want to be sure, you book a trip in the minibus at Olberg camping.

This is so special that you will not want to miss it. Here you will meet the king of the forest at a relatively close range.

Price This exotic experience costs only NOK 170, - per person. Olberg is so sure that you will see moose on this trip that they will give you the money back if you do not get a single glimpse of this great animal.