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Are you a beginning bird enthusiast? Or are you a keen bird watcher who just needs a local to show you where the species are? Regardless of what prior knowledge you have, we will give you a good nature experience with birds in focus.

The guided bird tour is led by Nikolai Aarseth Krøgenes, who is a trained ecologist and has a particularly keen interest in birds. On a daily basis, he works as a consultant in the Ørje-based company Utmarksforvaltningen and in his spare time, among other things, he sets up nests for osprey along the Haldenkanalen. He can tailor a plan for individuals or groups in most areas near the Halden Canal. Spring's trip proposal that can suit most people is the Gjølsjøen bird tower.

Gjølsjøen bird tower
Gjølsjøen is a shallow nutrient-rich lake surrounded by cultural landscapes and large forest areas. The good supply of nutrients lays the foundation for a great diversity of species in the sea. Many exciting bird species nest here, and the place is an important resting place during the spring migration. There is a great chance of seeing both hunting birds of prey and rare wetland birds such as the reed hawk, lark falcon and water harrier.

Meeting point: Brårudtangen car park next to Sluseporten BåtCafé, Engebret Soots vei 14. You can get a ride in the guide's car or drive your own car to Gjølsjøen.

Duration: 2 hours

Equipment: Dress according to the weather (it gets cold quickly when standing still). We have binoculars for up to 10 people.

Price: NOK 1,200 for up to four people, then NOK 200 extra per person

For more information and to order, contact Nikolai Aarseth Krøgenes on telephone 984 43 620 or e-mail