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Gatelangs in Rakkestad and Ørje for groups



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After two summers with Gatelangs in Rakkestad and Ørje, with good feedback and one satisfied audience wishes
Visit Indre Østfold and Rakkestad Næringsråd to offer this walk to teams and associations, companies, perhaps a small treat for this year's Christmas party?:

On "Gatelangs" - You can join in wondering, walking and looking back through the city center streets in Rakkestad and Ørje. We have skilled narrators who will accompany you on the road. There will be plenty of surprises along the way and many retrospectives on business, trade, moods and people. It will be local, there will be humor and seriousness - and serving of one and the other.

Worth getting along!

Gatelangs focuses on local food, cultural history and cultural heritage in Rakkestad and Ørje. It must be experienced and sensed in alleys, nooks and crannies in Rakkestad and Ørje. We will take you on a walk outdoors with food, drink, cultural heritage, traditions and cultural history along the way. We serve history and food experiences from bygone times, round house corners, open doors, stop a little here and a little there.

In between you get something to nibble on or taste. Both Rakkestad and Ørje are full of good stories and much more. Will you join?

The only criterion is that the walks must take place during the shops' opening hours.

Each of the performances lasts approx. 1.5 hours in total.

A walk for an entire group can be booked by contacting Visit Indre Østfold offices at tel. 45453445, possibly Rakkestad Næringsråd at post@rakkestadnæ telephone 97511992.

We send an invoice. Enter invoice address and org. no.

Price NOK per performance.