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The Halden canal is a short distanced from Oslo, with beautiful coves, islands, it`s a gorgeous place if you want to go for a paddle while exploring nature. Become one with nature as you move silently with the wildlife around you. The variated nature offers experiences for everyone, from a peaceful paddle trip with the family to a more demanding trip.

Alongside the canal there are both beaches and huts together with the spectacular locks at Ørje, Strømfoss and Brekke. Brekke is also North-Europe`s tallest locks 27 meter. Going through these locks with a cano is an experience for all ages.

Life wests are included, but you have to state the weight class you need a vest in. You can also use your own private wests if wanted. (If we don`t have the wests you need, you need to bring it yourself)

Practical information for paddle cano in the Halden canal

The Halden Canal is a 80 kilometers long from Skullerud in Aurskog-Høland to Tistedal in Halden. It is well suited for cano trips and there are several camping opportunities along the canal with great shelters.

The Halden canal, The North to the south

Here is a little description of how a journey through the canal may look like.

The Locks

Between Ørje and Tistedal there are 3 lock places: Ørje, Strømfoss and Brekke.

Brekke is the tallest in Europe with 27 meters.

Price per cano

Kr. 400,- pr. day / 24 hours.

Return transportation of canoes

Return transportation kan be booked. The prices are from Joval Gård and for up to 8 kanos
- Tistedal (55km) kr. 1500,-
- Strømsfoss 24 km kr. 1250,-
- Skulerud 25 km kr. 500,-
- Ørje kr. 500,-
Price is inkl. 25% mva.


Payment is always done before rental. You can either use Vipps or pay cash.

Map and shelters

Shelters are free to use – first come first serve.
They are marked with black dots on the map. Here is a link to an electronic map.

More information about the locks, timetables, prices and more

Have a look here
You need to call in advance and book time to pass through the locks – 69 81 12 00. This can be done within short notice, but prefarable the day before. It is also possible to carry the cano around the looks.

Locking of the canos

You will get a chain and code lock for the cano, that you just attach and lock when arriving at your destination.


You have to arrange transportation yourself. You can call Flexx on tlf 177 and book time or book a taxi.

Your own resposibility

Traveling in the canal is on your own responsibility. Equipment that gets broken or stolen is on the renter`s responsibility.