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Grave-mound in Värmlands Nysäter

Säffle, Värmlands län


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The legend surrounding the grave mound, Kungshögen, in Nysäter makes it one of the most exciting archaeological relics in Värmland.

Kungshögen, which is one of three burial mounds along Byälven identified as the tomb of the fairy king Olof Trätälja, came about during a time when the water was the main communication route through the area. The mound, which is about 40 meters in diameter, located on a small hill in the slope down to the water. In Viking times was clearly visible to everyone traveling on Byälven, the passage of important communications route.

Although Kungshögen not fairy king Olof Trätäljas tomb suggests its size and location in that it is a person with power and high status who is buried here. Previously Kungshögen been part of a larger, now ruined burial ground. Excavations made in one of the destroyed graves have been found objects dating to the Viking age (about 800-1050 AD). It is likely that Kungshögen of the same time (Viking Age). Another explanation for this high is that it may have been some kind of rallying point and symbol of power. Read more at web site Gillberga Hembygdsförening.