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Grums, Värmlands län


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Kycklingdalen has flora and rich bird life that is unusual for Värmland. The valley lies below a south-facing precipice that stores heat on sunny days. The proximity to Vänern means that the autumn, in particular, is warmer here than in the surroundings. Together with the veins of greenstone in the rock, this allows southern plant species to have their habitat here, for example, the half-metre tall coral root with its pale violet flowers, sweet woodruff, sheep’s bit and hazel. Woodpeckers, including the black and the green woodpecker, buzzards and even the rare smooth snake are found here.

Reference literature:
Grums kommun - en kulturbygd, 1991

How to get there:
Drive to Liljedal, footpath to Buda swimming, approx 3.5 km.

Location: South of Liljedal

Contact: Marie Valldor
+46 (0)555 - 420 54