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Pumptrack Høytorp, Mysen

Indre Østfold


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Pumptrack track at Høytorp Fort. The track is built by Mysen IF bicycle, and it is open for everyone to use. Open all day and free to use. The pump track in Mysen is larger than most tracks, and has both expert lines and dirty balls for new riders. The course runs in forest terrain and is best suited for slightly experienced cyclists. Keep to the left over the car park at Høytorp, and the track will appear.

In case you are wondering what a pumtrack is: A pump track is a closed round, or track, with a series of balls, jumps and dosages. The purpose is for you to "pump" around the track instead of stepping, hence the name pump track. Here you can cycle round after round! And the great thing about a pump track is that a three-year-old can do it, and Grandma can do it.