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Silverlake Camp & Kanot

Bengtsfors, Västra Götalands län


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Wild and beautiful countryside!

Being close to land and water

Starting from Silverlake Camp & Kanot, get to know the Dalsland countryside from the water or from the land. It's easier to rent canoes, kayaks, bikes and equipment than taking it all with you. To round it all off, you can go on a railway push trolley tour between Bengtsfors and Silverlake Camp. The route follows steep cliff sides and long narrow lakes by canoe.

Overnight close to nature

You can choose to sleep indoors or outdoors. If you want to go for comfort in Bengtsfors centre, stay in the Hemgården hotel and hostel. To make your experience at the camp closer to nature, you can sleep over in a tent. Bring your own, or stay in a military tent or a Sami lavvu-tent that’s already set up. You can also rent ordinary, smaller tents at the camp.