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Sola in Karlstad

Värmlands län, Karlstad


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Staty vid Stadshotellet

Statue of &# 34;Sola i Karlstad&# 34;.
At the end of the 18th century there was a girl living in Karlstad called Eva Lisa Holtz. She worked as a waitress at the Karlstad inn. Eva Lisa was a beautiful and happy girl and the guests liked her very much. Thanks to her sunny and wonderful mood she got the nick name &# 34;Sola&# 34; (meaning &# 34;the sun&# 34;, in the Värmland accent). She also was a very enterprising and economical woman who eventually bought and ran her own inn.

The statue was made by the sculptor Herman Reijers and was unveiled in 1985. Despite it&# 39;s beeing only fifteen years old, the Sola statue has already become an important symbol of Karlstad.