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The pole chase



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The pole hunt is a low-threshold offer that takes place in several local communities in Indre Østfold. You must hunt for "posts" that are placed near the centre areas. You can walk, run or cycle to find the poles. Most of the bars are also wheelchair accessible. The posts can be registered both manually, digitally and by downloading an application on the mobile, so that you can scan the QR code that each post is equipped with.

The pole hunt aims to facilitate the activation of both young and old; inactive people, school students, cyclists, disabled people and wheelchair users - or those who simply want to get to know the city and district better. Pole hunting is a non-profit association that aims to contribute to increased physical activity among most people throughout the country.

The pole hunt is a free offer. Maps and info will be available in several places in the various municipalities, as well as on the website.

The bars have the following degrees of difficulty:

GREEN - very easy, accessible by bike and wheelchair

BLUE - Simple

RED – medium

BLACK - difficult