Joval Gård - Farm sale with local food



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Joval Gård (farm), on top of Rødenessjøen lives Morten and Hilde Jaavall together with their two kids. At the farm there is a camping place, rental cabins for hunting and fishing trips, RV parking and a big tipi in wood next to the lake, perfect for hosting weddings, baptisms, birthdays etc. They also help creating a beautiful frame around arrangements you want to have with friends, family or coworkers. The tipi holds 60-70 People. It has a nice and warm atmosphere and burning candles. The fireplace in the middle provides heat and gives a warm and intimate experience.

At Joval they have a pack of crown deer. The deer walk around the forest area, some old cultural landscape and some fully grown landscape. The goal is that the dear will experience natural habitats and have therefore worked to recreate this for them.

At the farm`s self-served farm sale you can get deer meat, sausages of deer and quail eggs, including several items from Matfatet.

The store is always open. You pay by using Vipps.