Nordmarken Distillery

Årjäng, Värmlands län


  • Cafe/Restaurant
  • Service

Nordmarken Distillery produces malt whiskey and offer exclusive whiskey tasting.

Their every day life is filled with a drive to offer exclusive and innovative drinking experiences to private persons and companies who would like to experience the greatness in crafted small scale beverage.
They have good skills in whiskey tasting and love to put together a package especially for you. Accommodation, food and other activities f.i. fishing can also be included.

It´s with great pleasure that they invest in quality rather than quantity and in 2018 they opened their newbuilt distillery near woods and lakes in Holmedal.
They will also open a visitor centre with food and drinking experiences in connection to the distillery.

The distillery deliver their products to restaurants and to Systembolaget, the Swedish goverment-owned chain of liquor stores.

Together with their collaborator, The Beer Factory, a small scale brewery from Dalarna, the arrange beer tastings as well as a music- and drinking festival at the distillery every summer.