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Hotel Fratelli

Karlstad, Värmlands län


  • Accommodation

Hotel Fratelli offers its guests an extraordinary experience, with culinary flavours, well-balanced drinks and world-class hospitality.

Hotel Fratelli is a boutique hotel where the flavours, atmosphere, vibrancy and hospitality cannot be missed. The hotel fills 1900 m2 with bold design choices, innovative culinary experiences and meaningful relationships.

Gastronomic flavours

Fratelli's three kitchens and three bars deliver gastronomic flavours, whether you are in the Fratelli Bar & Deli, the Vicino restaurant or the Isola at the top. In their Retreat Club there is always something good to eat and drink, without having to leave the pool area so you can simply relax.

Welcome to Hotel Fratelli - a unique boutique hotel in Karlstad!