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Klaraborg in Borgvik, the house of opportunities

Grums, Värmlands län


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Klaraborg in Borgvik is the house of opportunities. You can enjoy long forest walks in a beautiful environment, take a bath in a firewood heated hot-tub or rent a little boat for fishing trips. If you stay here, you will be living next to Vänern in an old, well preserved industrial environment.
Klaraborg consists of several small houses named after artisans who have lived and worked in Borgvik. You could for example stay in Mjölnaren (the miller), Sågen (the saw) or Kolaren (the charcoal burner).
Every room has a personal old-fashioned furnishing, kitchen, WC and shower. The number of beds can be adjusted to fit a family, small groups and companies. If you really like it here, we can offer you permanent living.
Laundry available.
Breakfast can be arranged.

Handicap information:
There is one handicap friendly apartment of 110 sq. m.
How to get there:
It is a 30 minute drive by car from Karlstad, 45 minutes from Arvika and only 15 minutes from Grums.
Place: Borgvik
Update: 2010

  • Open all year round