Where to stay the night

Kupolen - The dome

Årjäng, Värmlands län


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Unique accommodation close to nature

Enjoy the beautiful nature and become one with the surroundings of the tranquil little Lomtjärn. This is a place to just be, enjoy the silence and the lively bird life and fresh air. There are great opportunities to see the animals and birds of the forest. You live in a transparent igloo that protects you from wind and precipitation.

But on sunny days, you can really relax on the terrace in a sun lounger or in a hammock. A small kitchen with everything you need to cook a good meal, a fresh outhouse with the opportunity to wash yourself, or a simple camping shower in the open countryside.

The accommodation is booked through Airbnb

Other things worth noting


There are good duvets, blankets and pillows on site. Kitchen with equipment, toilet with sink and wipes for cleaning yourself.

Shower in open nature. Outhouse with plenty of space and necessary equipment.

Bring drinking water and your own power bank for your mobile phone.

Fireplace available (if there are no restrictions on open fire