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Askim Museum

Indre Østfold, Viken


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Askim Museum is owned and run by Askim Historical Society. The museum's buildings are positioned as they would have been on a medium-sized farm in Askim in the middle of the last century. They form a square around a courtyard, with all entrances facing into the courtyard.
For guided tours outside opening hours - contact the museum.

The museum, which is beautifully situated at the Grøtvedtoppen, includes houses that were common on a farm, and consists of a courtyard with two-storey houses, an operating building and of course a food sorage house. Here you can also see the fine "Kjøbmandsgaarden" which houses an old shop.The collections have many interesting and rare objects, all of which give a good impression of our ancestors' lives and daily activities. In the museum you can also see a copy of the house that the Occupation Guardian soldiers built and used at Askim Square during the war.

The museum is only open in connection with advertised events.

Exhibitions of items from "Askim Gummivarefabrik/Viking Askim in the basement of Randulfstua is open Wednesdays 9 to 12. During holidays it is closed.