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Kykkelsrud Power Plant

Indre Østfold


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The old powerplant built inn 1900 og Hafslund took over the facility in 1915. It is considered a cultural memory in Norwegian power production and is a representative for the bigger powerplants that got built in the 1900s. It was up and running in 1903 and was important for both the capitol and the industry.

The local farmer Anders C. Furuholmen owned from 1860 the waterfalls by Kykkelsrud. He modernized a mill and an old saw on the property, removed canals, built dams, houses and established roads to the facilities. The need for wood increased in this time period, and Kykkelsrud was strategically placed close to the railway. The company A/S Glommens Træsliberi was established as Furuholmen as stake holder. He also planned a powerplant for production of electricity at Kykkelsrud. After failed attempts on getting fundings took the German company Schukert & Co over Glommens Træsliberi and powerplant plans.

The powerplant was originally planed with 13 aggregates, and the first two were up and running in 1903. They were equally big, with vertical Francis-turbines. The fall height varied from 15.5-19 meters. The powerplant was expanded in 1913 and 5 more aggregates got installed. Hafslud took over the majority of the stake holders in 1910. The plan was to transfer power to the capitol, which was a long transfer by the time`s standards. The 12th and final aggregate was installed in 1948.