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Mørk Golfclub, Spydeberg

Indre Østfold, Viken


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Spydeberg city Center is relatively new. Therailway was built in 1882, and that is when the developping of Spydeberg started. Before that, the north and the south ofSpydeberg, the areas around Lyseren and Mørk, were the most lively parts of the village. On MørkGolf Course you will find a lot of old history, and old saw from1565and much moreis worth a visit. Go for a walk, look at the saw, pick blueberries and finish off with a niceice cream at Cafe Mørk.

Norway's most complete golf course and the club for everybody!

Today, Mørk Golf Course consists of a challenging, fun 18 hole park / forest course, a 9 hole park course. One of Norway's finest footgolf courses, as well as very large and excellent fitness facilities that meet all needs and a great service building. Mørkis the only course in Norway that has had the "Ecco Tour" Nordic League's biggest tournament for several years.

Our cafe is also worth a visit whether you just want to enjoy the view of the sun from the terrace or along with what you may want from our menu.