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Østfoldmuseene - Folkenborg Museum

Indre Østfold


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Folkenborg Museum is a cultural history museum with a particular focus on agriculture and food culture. Here are relocated houses and a collection of objects that show a section of the rural environment in Indre Østfold in the period 1700-1950. A modern museum building with offices, exhibition and rental premises.

The museum's collection of antiquarian houses includes a homestead and a listed civil servant's residence with richly decorated interiors. The museum also has a large collection of objects, including many large agricultural machines and Norway's largest accessible collection of horse-drawn vehicles.

Unfortunately, Folkenborg Museum is currently closed. Continuous work is being done on solutions and maintenance in the area. Some local groups/actors also use the site and help to take care of it. Eidsberg Historielag individually holds open events for the public during the year. Premises are rented out in the period from March (2024) to September.