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Tour pearls: Hylliåsen, Spydeberg

Indre Østfold


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Hylliåsen By: Linken Malene Raeng The sky rises high and blue above a forest that is faded and reddish golden in the long, warm November light. Hylliåsen in Spydeberg offers nice hiking trails in an area full of old history. We follow the path over the stream and along the edge of the field to "Hylligata", a gravel road that leads us towards Hylliåsen on the right. Signage and the marked trail "Åsen rundt" start at the edge of the forest, close to the water tower. We follow the dirt road inwards in the direction of Hylligrava and the homestead Hyllibråten (Bråten). After an easy walk, we come out at a field and look down towards the old square, which lies snugly at the edge of the forest. An old ski shed made of gray round logs and wicker rope is an incredibly beautiful addition to the last piece! In the forest behind the yard on the farm we find Hylligrava, which is a 4,000-year-old stone coffin grave and very rare. We then follow the gravel road back to the end of the field, and turn onto the forest path that goes left, into the forest along the field. The trail takes us through the cultivated forest along the field, up over a small ridge and out onto a gravel road. We keep to the right here and turn a little further ahead into the forest again at the sign marking the path "Around the mountain". The path winds through the forest and then along an open logging field. Here we get a lovely view of the cultural landscape on the way back to the starting point. Tour facts Location: Spydeberg, Indre Østfold Length: 5.5 km Terrain: gravel road and forest path. Somewhat damp. Suitable for: the dirt road to the Hyllibråten homestead and the ancient monument Hylligrava is suitable for a good sports car, but note that the path from the car park up to the Hylligata gravel road is a bit twisty. The round trail "Åsen rundt" is suitable for the whole family, but it must be used for the little ones. Other: Old homestead. Hell chest grave from the Neolithic age.